Quality and Environmental Policy

Quality policy of LOC ESPAÑA, has a System of Quality Management in the company according to the UNE-EN-ISO 9001, as a way to move towards client satisfaction, errors reduction and company's efficiency.

To reach this, Quality Policy is based on two conditions:

* Company's products meet customer requirements and regulatory requisites and they are presented and delivered properly.

* Company's activities (to obtain these products) are made systematically and efficiently.

LOC ESPAÑA has established a quality system aimed at a continuous improvement which is described and defined in the Quality Manual.

The Quality System achieves to reach permanent quality objectives of the Company, which are:

* To know with the highest precision the needs of the customers and their opinion about the products and service they receive from us.

* To reach Quality Procedures and improve them to get their own way of working that is effective.

* To find out mistakes that may occur, which cause the claims of the Customer and market loss, and eliminate its causes.

These three objectives are to be known by all people of LOC ESPAÑA, and the people in charge of each department have to make them understand and apply to all their staff in charge.

The permanent quality objectives are specified as measurable objectives established by the Quality Committee of the Company. They are set in the Annual Review of the Quality System and disseminated as they are described in the Procedures Manual. The development and achievement of the objectives will be measurable with the appropriate indicators.

Commitment is essential to everyone in the company to:

* Give preference to the Quality of products and service.

* To get used to doing things right the first time.

* Take responsibility of their work.

Administration seeks for cooperation and efforts for all, to endorse this Quality Policy.


"LOC ESPAÑA, SL which is dedicated to the manufacturing of labels with typographic and flexographic technologies and marketing of paper and other media for reprographic printing processes, has adopted a commitment to respect the environment that would ensure the prevention of pollution and the minimization of its the impact . For this, LOC España is committed to:

-In a new activity or process and since its inception, to carry out a previous study to allow its impact on the environment.

-Review any significant effect on the environment of the activies of LOC España.

-Take the necessary steps in order to prevent and eliminate pollution or accidental emissions into the wild.

-Take the necessary steps to minimize, to value and to recycle waste and emissions, ensuring a proper management when there are no alternatives.

-Take the necessary steps to save raw materials including, when possible, reuse.

-Take the necessary steps to save energy and water.

All these will take place in a framework of continuous improvement by:

-Establishment of environmental objectives and targets.

-Application of technical, human and financial resources to achieve its objectives.

-Evaluation of the compliance with them.

And in accordance with legal requirements and other applicable environmental requirements related to environmental aspects (waste production, noise and air emissions, discharges in water, consumption of raw materials ...) and all requirements subscribed by the company"



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