Modelo B-SA4TP

1328 5 5 sLabel printer Thosiba B-SA4 combines functionality and strength of an industrial printer with the compact size of a desktop printer.

Plastic covered suitable for work environments as a quiet office.

• Resolution: 8 dots / mm (203 dpi), optional 11.8 dots / mm (300 dpi)
• Printing width: 104 mm to 105.7 mm with 300 dpi printhead
• Printing speed: up to 152.4 mm / sec. (6 ips)
• Multifunctional design: choose the cover type (plastic or metal) suitable for any application
• Tools for centralized control of network, which allows you to control all the printers on the network.

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Modelo B-852

852Powerful printing of large labels in a compact and strong engine. Exceptional efficiency and the latest utilities for networking.

* Connection and growth possibilities.
* Ability to increase printing speed of huge files of data.
* Compatible with actual systems, Toshiba or not.
* Resolution: 11,8 dots/mm (300 dpi)
* Printing width max: 216,8 mm
* Printing speed: up to 101,6 mm/s.

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Serie SV


B-SV4T is a thermal transfer printer or a direct printer of desktop of 4’’ that leads efficiency in all printers of its range being extremely competitive in its price. Its high quality and innovative design make possible an incredible output with a simple handling.
* Reduced size
* Resolution: 8 dots / mm (203 dpi)
* Thermal Transfer / Direct Thermal
* Printing width: max. 108 mm
* Printing Speed: Up to 127 mm / s (5 ips).

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Serie EV

evTo get label tickets and right from your desktop effectively, you will need the new printer Toshiba B-EV4.
* Compact and professional Printer
* Design and print from a PC directly.
* Print resolution of 203 dpi or 300 dpi
* Easy to introduce into existing systems
* Proven quality in plastic body construction.

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