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  • Labels and much more.

    Office supplies.
  • Constantly evolving,

    without forgetting what matters.
  • Variety is the spice of life,

    and we like to vary....
  • Always near you...

  • We take care of the small details,

    to obtain perfection...
  • Where tradition and innovation come together...

  • With effort, we obtain our goals...

  • There are no secrets, dedication and sacrifice...

  • Loc España listens and advises.

    We stick to you!

Loc España

Since 1985, LOC ESPAÑA have presented an specialized service, a high level quality which all our products demand, and a complete personal guidance supported by our 25 years of experience in the market

All this is reached by a highly qualified team and a permanent technical infrastructure which comprise a sophisticated equipment to guarantee the most advanced technology throughout the manufacturing, printing and quality control.


LOC ESPAÑA provides you the widest range of label market: from self-adhesive labels in coils,   until matrix printers, laser, inkjet, photocopiers… special adhesives labels with all types of uses, and of course, security and antitheft labels. 

If you do not find in this catalogue the type of label that you want, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will give you the professional answer that you need. 


UK LOC ESPAÑA offers you advice and supply of a huge range of printer machines and/or labels dispensing, answering to the increasing demand of customers who need to use the machines internally. 


LOC ESPAÑAoffers you all kind of labels and machines, but also offers you special products like transfer thermal tapes. Very specific solutions to very specific needs.

  LOC ESPAÑA has a Special Division of Papers, with a qualified human team to advise you about the most suitable papers for each use. All of them have the best quality with a high level, but always having respect for the environment. 


  • Nuestra fábrica.
    Área Empresarial Andalucía, Sector, IV
    C/ Río Guadalquivir, 6 - 28906 Getafe ( Madrid)
    Telf.:+ (34) 91 691 92 87 || Fax: 91 691 92 19
  • Escríbanos.
  • Dpt. Comercial : 
    +(34) 91 621 32 81